Zlatko Dalić on Brazil dancing: “I wouldn’t like my team to celebrate like that.”

Questioned at his press conference before the quarter-final meeting with Brazil, Croatia coach Zlatko Dalić addressed recent criticism of his team’s opponents following a host of choreographed celebrations.

In racing into a 4-0 first-half lead during their round of 16 victory over South Korea, Brazilian players were criticised by some, including British TV pundit, and former Manchester United midfielder, Roy Keane, who deemed several dancing celebrations to be “disrespectful.”

Dalić said: “They have their own way of celebrating, it makes them happy, they show unity and their character by doing it, that’s their right. But I wouldn’t like my team to celebrate like that, but when they do it, it looks good – I wouldn’t comment on whether it’s disrespectful to the opponent or not.”


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