Yunus Musah on USA v England: “Biggest game of my career”

United States midfielder Yunus Musah has revealed that his side’s game against England in the World Cup will be the biggest game of his career.

Musah is also eligible to represent England and he has lived in England for many years. The Valencia midfielder featured for the US in their World Cup opener against Wales and is expected to play against the Three Lions later today as well.

In an interview with BBC Sport, Musah spoke about his allegiances and revealed that he has no regrets about playing for the US instead of England.

He said:

“Gregg (Berhalter, USA manager) called me and told me about the project with the US. He told me how much he wanted me in the team and I was just 17 at the time. For a first-team manager to want me that badly really helped my decision.

“Things happen in mysterious ways, I was born in the US for a reason. Now I’m playing for the national team and I’m loving it. I’ve had to make a few big decisions in my career and they have paid off.”

With the game against the English coming up, the midfielder spoke about why the tie is the biggest of his career so far:

“What a special game it will be. Having lived in England, knowing how England are as a society as people, just to share the field with them and knowing the whole of England is going to be watching that game, as well as the US, it’s just a special moment so I hope it goes well.

“It will be the biggest game of my career.”

In the interview, Musah also thanked Arsenal and Valencia for giving him the opportunity to improve and thrive in a club environment.


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