Who is Mario Ferri? The famous pitch invader during the Portugal – Uruguay game

In the second half of the World Cup group stage game involving Portugal and Uruguay, pitch invader Mario Ferri had entered the pitch and had left a rainbow flag on the pitch, while having slogans written on his clothing.

The Italian, who has done this before, had ‘Save Ukraine’ and ‘Respect for Iranian Women’ written on his Superman shirt. Ferri is actually a former footballer who once played for United Sports Club in Kolkata, India and he was once famous for hugging Antonio Cassano on the pitch back in 2010.

Currently, he is a volunteer in Ukraine and he helps in rescuing Ukrainian citizens. Back in 2020, Ferri was seen running across the Pescara beach with a red shirt on and this happened during lockdown, because of which a police officer had caught him.

Back in 2010, Ferri had been arrested as he was looking to leave UAE illegally while on a ship. He had later spent a day in prison and he was also arrested later in Italy.

Also known as ‘Il Falco’, Ferri had invaded the pitch during the World Cup game involving Belgium and the USA in 2014 and his Superman shirt had a message which paid tribute to Ciro Esposito, who had died after violent incidents following the Coppa Italia final of 2014 involving Napoli and Fiorentina.


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