VAR decisions set to be explained to TV viewers


The decisions made by the Video Assistant Referee are set to be explained to fans within the stadium and viewers on the television, at next month’s Club World Cup.

The International Football Association Board (Ifab) will trial this procedure in Morocco next month with the view to incorporate it across other FIFA competitions should it be successful.

This could include the Women’s World Cup which commences on the 20th of July 2023 in Australia and New Zealand.

The system trialled will be similar to that of the cricket or the NFL for viewers at home. The idea is to keep fans informed in order to mute the growing frustration which is often because of the lack of communication.

“We don’t think fans (are) getting enough information,” said Bullingham (FA Chief Executive).

“We are trialling this in the hardest environment first because we think it will be easier in domestic leagues.”


The Ifab have also praised its ‘successful’ policy of stoppage time throughout the World Cup in Qatar.

“Once there is no incentive to stay down, we think there will be less injury-time anyway,” said Bullingham.


Meanwhile, a temporary concussion substitute trial in the Premier league next season has been dismissed.

Ifab met at Wembley on Wednesday following a request from world players’ union Fifpro and the World Leagues Forum to test the protocol across three leagues including the Premier League. (BBC)

Campaigners have highlighted an issue with the current concussion ruling which was introduced in 2020. There have been occasions where a player has been allowed to stay on the pitch before being substituted despite possible injuries to the head.

Although, FA says no consensus could be reached and the current trial with continue indefinitely.

“Myself and others hold the view it would be worth trialling [temporary concussion substitutes] because we think there are instances of players who have appear to have been concussed and have not been taken off,” said Bullingham.

“The argument is that you learn more in 15 mins than three and there is merit in an evaluation away from the pitch.

“However, the decision was taken to strengthen the application of the permanent model through more education, more evidence and more impetus, so that the idea of the right decisions being made becomes reality.”


After a controversial offside decision was made in the game between Manchester United and Manchester City this weekend, the topic was raised during the discussion at Wembley.

“The conclusion was there is no gap in the law,” said Bullingham.

Mark Marston | GFN

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