Three Talking Points | Brazil 1-0 Switzerland

Brazil picked up a solid 1-0 win over Switzerland to guarantee their progress to the Round of 16 of the FIFA World Cup and are only the second team to do that after France.

Brazil miss Danilo

While Brazil were missing the ever-important Neymar and there is no denying the influence he carries, Danilo’s abilities to progress the ball from the back were sorely missing not just in the first half but throughout the game. The game came across as clunky and slow in the Juventus man’s absence, as Brazil also struggled to break Switzerland down.

Alex Sandro is vital for Brazil

It was another top class performance from Alex Sandro, who has been criticised a fair bit by many for his performances at Juventus. The left-back has shown that he is exceptional technician who is key in helping his side build centrally and out wide and often plays as a left centre-back, but often comes in as a midfield option.

Switzerland need to improve

While the Swiss side has three points in the tournament so far, they have not played exceptionally well and their performances have been rather mediocre, despite having a host of well-known and talented players in the side. They may make it to the next round of the competition, they may not go far.


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