Sergio Aguero fumes after being barred from meeting Argentina World Cup squad

Former Argentina striker Sergio Aguero has expressed anger at the fact that he has not been allowed to meet the Argentina players that are taking part in the World Cup.

The Selecao take on Saudi Arabia in their opening game during the World Cup and while they will be hoping for a winning start, their next games include ties against Poland and Mexico.

Aguero, has made multiple appearances for Argentina, appeared on Jero Freixas’s live stream recently, revealed (via Diario Ole) that he has not been allowed to enter the Argentina camp and meet the players ahead of the tournament. He blamed the AFA for it and stated:

“Everything is kind of weird. It’s not that they didn’t let me. Supposedly you have to have a credential to pass. It sounds kind of weird to me. It sounds weird to me that it takes three or four days. I speak, I ask, the decision comes from above. Then I see that others are in there.”

He further stated: “It’s strange that they don’t give you a quick credential. I’ve been in the National Team and they make you a credential quickly. I never did anyone wrong. I always behaved well. Maybe there are people who didn’t like it once I gave an opinion, I don’t even remember.The thing is kind of weird. It annoys you that others arrive on the same day of the trip and suddenly they are there. I sent a good message. If they don’t want me to go, it’s all good, they have to tell me at my face.”

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