Security guards at Qatar World Cup park earn 35p per hour, claims report

Security guards at the World Cup park in Doha earn only 35p per hour and a lot of them are migrant workers.

The Guardian have reported that migrant workers at the Al-Bidda Park in Doha get only one day off in the whole month and they live in poor living conditions in camps at the edge of the desert.

They are paid as little as 35p per hour and they work about 12 hours per day as well, with the outlet having interviewed several guards on the site. The report reveals that the Guardian interviewed Al Nasr Star Security Services but guards from other agencies also work at the park.

The working hours and their wages are said to breach Qatar’s over-arching labour laws and the report has interviews from guards who state that they know what is being done is illegal but they are powerless in doing anything as the government keeps quiet on these issues.


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