Samuel Eto’o kicks Youtuber after Brazil v South Korea game

Cameroon football legend Samuel Eto’o kicked an Algerian Youtuber recently, after Brazil’s 4-1 win over South Korea in the FIFA World Cup.

Currently the president of the Cameroonian Football Federation, according to a video relayed by L’Equipe, took dislike towards an Algerian Youtuber and it is suggested that he kicked him rather ‘violently’.

The Youtuber, it is stated, made some comments towards Eto’o, who was then taking some photographs with Brazil fans after the game. In retaliation, Eto’o kicked the Youtuber, who later showed how he broke his camera during the incident in different released by La Opinion de Los Angeles.

It has been suggested that the scrap broke out because of a controversial game involving Cameroon and Algeria that took place as a World Cup play-off some months ago. Algeria had later contested the decision-making of the referee after the game and they believed that Islam Slimani was denied two penalties.


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