Rogue cat joins Vinícius on stage at press conference

Speaking to journalists before his team’s quarter-final meeting with Croatia, Brazil attacker Vinícius Júnior was joined on the press conference podium by an intruder.

A rogue cat, pictured above, had entered the press briefing and prowled around the assembled journalists as questions were fired at the 22-year-old Real Madrid man for around 15 minutes. The cat then proceeded to jump up onto the press conference table to sit between Vinícius and Brazil’s press officer.

Laughing, Vinícius watched as the press officer stroked the cat before the official then manhandled the cat from the stage by picking it up by its fur and throwing it from the podium, much to the cat’s apparent displeasure. Such aggressive handling of the animal clearly affected the player who stopped laughing immediately to stare in amazement at the press officer.

Premier League fans might be reminded of the criticism West Ham and France centre-back Kurt Zouma received after a video emerged on social media of the defender attacking his cats earlier this year.


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