Qatar World Cup organisers accused of paying “fake fans” to build atmosphere in Doha

As reported by French outlet RMC, suspicions are rising over the nature of some of the fans seen in Qatar ahead of the World Cup.

Images posted on social media show large groups of reportedly Indian fans supporting leading nations such as Argentina, Brazil and England while there remains to be very little evidence of fans hailing from those nations themselves, with few (if any) of those present within the crowds speaking that country’s language say RMC.

Meanwhile, these scenes of support a week before the start of the tournament are often oddly choreographed and similar or generic in nature. These reports have lead to speculation in the British press that these fans are “fake” have been employed by the organisers to support these countries, make up the numbers in Doha and aid the atmosphere there.

RMC also reported last month that fans from each qualified nation had been approached by the organisers via ‘Fan Leaders’ to fly to Qatar, all expenses paid, to support their teams amid concerns over a low attendance.

The tournament in Qatar remains extremely controversial partly due to reports of large numbers of deaths, and the mistreatment, of migrant workers who were employed to build stadia.


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