Poland squad World Cup flight escorted by F16 fighter jets

As reported by the Polish FA, the Poland national team’s flight out to Qatar for the World Cup this week was carried out with military support.

The Republic of Poland plane carrying the Polish squad to their base for the tournament was flanked by two F16 fighters provided by the Polish military. Poland borders war-torn Ukraine, the country having been invaded by Russia back in February, and, according to A Bola, the Polish government decided the protection was needed given the region’s current instability.

Earlier this week, a missile strayed over the boarder from Ukraine, striking a Polish farm and killing two men. It is as yet unclear as to who fired the missile. The Poland team’s official twitter account explained: “We were escorted to the southern border of Poland by F16s! Thank you, and our greetings to the pilots!”

Poland are set to play Argentina, Mexico and Saudi Arabia in Group C.


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