No country will wear the OneLove armband in the World Cup

No country will be wearing be the ‘OneLove’ armband during the FIFA World Cup, after FIFA threatened the English FA with a yellow card for Harry Kane.

While England were keen for Kane to wear the armband, the English FA were left frustrated by FIFA’s stance on the idea, as they stated that the English FA will face some sanctions and Kane will be yellow carded in the game. Gareth Bale, Virgil van Dijk and captains of some other countries were also going to wear the armband.

But The Times have now reported that six countries and the English FA have decided to ask their captains to not wear the armband during their games following FIFA’s threats.

The English and Wales FA were in contact with each other following FIFA’s decisions and they have released a statement saying that they will not go ahead with their initial plans, which have been rebuffed despite Gianni Infantino’s speech that focused on inclusivity.

KNVB’s statement on the matter has stated: “We stand for the OneLove message and will keep carrying it out, but our first priority at the World Cup will remain winning matches.”


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