New FIFA annual club tournament to launch in 2024

The FIFA Council on Tuesday announced the decision to launch a new annual club tournament involving teams from across the globe in 2024.

This follows the decision to discontinue the current Club World Cup tournament, which will have its final outing at the end of this calendar year.

This competition will include champions of all premier club competitions from all confederations and be concluded via a final played at a neutral venue between the winner of the UEFA Champions’ League and the winner of intercontinental play-offs between the other confederations.

Further details on the exact timing and nature of the format will follow in the coming months.

The original Club World Cup is being altered to be played once every four years from 2025 and will include 32 teams in it.

Chelsea will play in the first edition of this new Club World Cup competition, according to Sky Sports.

12 teams will come from Europe and 4 of those teams are going to be the winners of the Champions’ League in 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 – this means that Real Madrid also automatically qualify.

The other 8 teams from Europe will qualify based on their UEFA coefficient spanning the last 5 years.

James Thorpe | Get Football

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