Mexican Boxer Canelo Álvarez threatens Lionel Messi

During the aftermath of Argentina’s 2-0 victory over Mexico on Saturday evening, footage emerged from the Argentina changing room. Canelo Álvarez took to twitter in fury, claiming Lionel Messi was disrespecting the Mexican flag.

Álvarez tweeted: “Did you see Messi cleaning the floor with our shirt and flag????,” the world champion boxer later added: “Let him pray to God that I don’t ever find him!” with two emoji’s of punches, a face of anger and a flame.

Whether Messi did commit the action he was accused of is unclear. However, his former teammate, Sergio Agüero, quickly came to his defence on twitter replying to Alvarez’s accusations.

Mr. Canelo, don’t look for excuses or problems, you clearly don’t know about football and what happens in a locker room. Shirts are always on the floor after the game due to sweat and if you look closer, he makes a movement to remove the boot and accidentally hits it,” replied Agüero.

Mark Marston | GWFN

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