Marcus Rashford says England don’t “need” booing to know they’ve not played well

England forward Marcus Rashford has said that the English players know they haven’t played well, and do not “need fans to boo” them, as reported by the BBC.

This followed as Friday’s lacklustre 0-0 draw with the USA, drew with it loud jeers at the final whistle.

The Manchester United star added, “I feel like if we play well in the next game, that USA game will be forgotten,

“It’s not a nice feeling. But to be honest we don’t need fans to boo us to know we have not played well. It was a feeling that was mutual among the group – that we could have done better.

“You do question if you would have changed things in the build-up to the game but that is natural as players because you want to win as many games as you can. When you don’t win, it’s disappointing but we can’t be so negative about it. We’re in a good position in the group. 

25-year-old Rashford questioned the flip flopping nature of fans, “When you win a game, you are the best team in the world. When you lose, you are the worst. That’s football. As players you have to keep a balance.”

The dull draw meant England failed to wrap up qualification for the knockout stages, which means they still technically are involved in a must win on Tuesday against Wales. This being said, England will progress assuming they can avoid a 4-0 defeat against Wales.

Jonathan Maze | GWFN

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