Luis Suárez rages: “Uruguay needs to have a bigger media reputation so I can hold my children.”

On Friday, Uruguay were eliminated at the group stage of a World Cup for the first time since 2002, losing out to South Korea for a place in the Round of 16 despite beating Ghana 2-0 in their final group stage game, missing out on the next stage by just 1 goal difference.

35-year-old attacker Luis Suárez took to social media to react, in what was surely his final World Cup:

“It hurts a lot to say goodbye to the World Cup like that, but we can be calm in our spirit in terms of having given the maximum for our country. I am proud to be Uruguayan even if they don’t respect us. Thanks to all the Uruguayans for their support.”

Speaking to Teledoce, Suárez had some choice words for officiating, frustrated with decisions not to give penalties for possible fouls on Darwin Núñez and Edinson Cavani:

“We wanted a penalty on Edi (Cavani), because the defender chopped him down, then on Darwin which also couldn’t have been clearer… These are not excuses, but at each World Cup, there are incredible decisions on penalties. FIFA must at least explain better than this. At the end of the match, I wanted to hug my wife and my children, and the FIFA people intervened to say that I could not, but the other day, a French player did the same thing… You have to ask yourself why are Uruguay always picked on? We feel that Uruguay needs to have a bigger media reputation so that I can hold my children… There you go, that is FIFA.”


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