Lionel Messi’s and Diego Maradona’s World Cup records compared

As much as the World Cup final today is about Leo Messi and the legacy he has left behind in the game, comparisons with Diego Maradona and what he did for his own own generation are natural.

Specific comparisons are being made to the 1986 edition of the World Cup, where Maradona was superb in taking the Albiceleste home, but Messi could do the same today and make an indelible mark in the history of the sport, if he has not already.

As per BBC Sport, Messi has already played more World Cup games than Maradona in the hunt for the elusive title. He also has 11 goals, which is a tally that is three more than that of Maradona’s. Both are tied at 8 for the number of assists they have come up with during the games they have played in World Cups.

Messi has taken 99 shots so far, with Maradona at 69. Messi has created 72 chances, with the late Napoli star at 67. In total, Messi’s tally of goals and assists per 90 minutes is at 0.78, while Maradona’s tally is slightly lower at 0.74 but they are quite neck and neck for chances created and dribbles completed per 90 minutes (5.1 for Maradona, 4.9 for Messi).


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