Lionel Messi: “We felt we had been disrespected”

Lionel Messi has stated that the Argentine national team felt disrespected by the talk in the media before their game against the Netherlands.

Messi was seen to be rather angry and animated after the penalty shootout win over the Dutch, as images showed the Albiceleste star having an arguement with Louis van Gaal and then having a heated arguement with Wout Weghorst. He also criticised Van Gaal for professing a dull brand of football despite himself stating otherwise.

After the dust settled from the win, Messi spoke to Ole Argentina about the game and the player stated that the Albiceleste were left disrespected by the narrative in the media about their team.

“Everything happened, everything.┬áNormal, things that happen in a World Cup quarterfinal, a lot of tension, a lot of nervousness on both sides.┬áThere had been a lot of talk before the game, which we didn’t like because we felt that we had been disrespected.”

He also spoke about what he told Emiliano Martinez after the win and Messi responded: “Exactly what I told him I don’t know, I don’t know”

He also spoke about Lautaro Martinez, saying: “We trusted him, we knew what he could give us on penalties. [We told him that] He is a beast, that he had done it again, that he is a phenomenon.”


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