Lionel Messi: “FIFA cannot use this kind of referee for this type of match”

Argentina’s Lionel Messi has criticised referee Antonio Lahoz for his showing in Argentina’s quarter-final game against Netherlands in the FIFA World Cup.

The Albiceleste won the game on penalties but the 120 minutes of football were dominated by Lahoz’s constant stoppages in play, whistling and yellow cards. And after the win, Messi spoke to the reporters and stated his belief that Lahoz can’t be allowed to referee in a game of this magnitude.

The Argentine star stated: “I don’t want to talk about the referee because they sanction you for being honest. I think people saw what it was. FIFA cannot use this kind of referee for this type of match.”

The game had Messi arguing with Lahoz a fair amount of times, with a lot of other players doing the same but they were being shushed by the official, who is well known to La Liga fans.


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