Lionel Messi after loss to Saudi Arabia: “A moment to be more united than ever”

Argentina skipper Lionel Messi has reacted to the national team’s 2-1 loss to Saudi Arabia in the first upset of the FIFA World Cup.

While Messi had found the back of the net for Argentina in the 10th minute, scoring from the spot, Saudi Arabia scored twice in the second half to turn the tie around and pick up a huge result in their footballing history. Other teams in the group are Mexico and Poland.

After the game, Messi spoke to reporters and he gave his views about the shocking loss in Qatar. The PSG man stated:

“It is a moment to be more united than ever. We did not expect this but it depends on us.

“We knew that they would be playing like that, we were a little bit rushed, we never ended up feeling comfortable as we have been doing. We knew that they will be holding the line well. Sometimes the game takes hold of you and seeing so much space, you end up doing things you can’t change.”

The loss to the Middle East side means that Argentina just have to win their next game against Mexico or they will be at risk of getting knocked out.


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