IFAB set to introduce trial for blue cards as part of trials for 10 minute sin-bin

According to Sky Sports, The International Football Association Board (IFAB) is set to introduce blue cards as part of their protocols for new sin-bin trials.

It is believed that the trials would see referees have the power to show blue cards to players for dissent or cynical fouls, subsequently sending them off for 10 minute periods.

IFAB are set to officially publish the detailed protocols for the sin-bin trials in professional football – which are expected to include the provision for blue cards – this Friday 9th February.

Furthermore, IFAB are set to confirm these extended sin-bin trials in senior levels of football this March in its annual meeting, with similar trials already having taken place in Welsh and English amateur and youth football.

As per Ben Rumsby of The Telegraph, the new protocol will only see players receive blue cards for ‘fouls that prevent a promising attack’ and dissent, whilst players will also be shown a red card if they receive either two blue cards, or a combination of one yellow and one blue during a match.

Rumsby also reports that top-tier competitions are set to be excluded from initial testing, but the trials could begin this summer – with The Football Association (FA) volunteering to use next season’s FA Cup and Women’s FA Cup for testing.

Travis Levison | Get Football

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