Gianni Infantino on questions around Indian supporters of England, France, Germany: “Pure racism.”

Speaking in a unique press conference on Saturday morning in Doha, the day before the 2022 World Cup kicks-off, FIFA President Gianni Infantino was asked about the presence of Indian individuals manifesting their support for different nations in Doha, with allegations being made by media that these individuals are paid actors to create an atmosphere in the lead up to the tournament.

“People want to divide and act as if they want to organise a war. But no, we are organising a World Cup. Look in the streets, there are plenty of people who are happy, who support their team. It doesn’t matter what colour they are. I see these stories of Indian fans supporting other teams. But everyone has the right to support the team they want. Fans who look like Indians cannot be banned from supporting the team. This is racism. This is pure racism and we have to stop that.”


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