Gary Neville slams Gianni Infantino’s World Cup speech: “FIFA is a poor representation of football”

Pundit and former England star Gary Neville has slammed Gianni Infantino after his speech yesterday.

Infantino’s speech had attracted a lot of criticism, as he went on to criticise the Western countries for what they have done to the rest of the world over the last few centuries. He also pointed out to the ‘racism’ which involves criticism for Indian fans that are supporting other countries.

Neville appeared as a pundit on BeInSport and he spoke about the issues surrounding the World Cup. He went on to criticise FIFA and their handling of the tournament and the contents of Infantino’s speech.

The Englishman stated: “I’ve been all around the world playing for Manchester United, from the Middle East to the Far East to Asia to Africa to Australasia and there is no doubt we should be taking football all around the world.”

He further stated: “But he (Infantino) is a terrible face for football that guy. Some of the things he said yesterday were inappropriate and shouldn’t be said by him.

“He should be statesman like, he should be bringing people together. He’s the global representation of football, not answering to one or two nations which he seemed to be doing yesterday.

“He’s got to rise above it. I’m sick of these leaders like Johnson, like Trump, like Infantino, like Blatter, who to be fair they don’t unite. They divide – all their language is about division.

“Even though they try and think they are bringing people together, they’re not. Some of his language yesterday about ‘I’m a migrant worker, I am disabled’ is a absolute scandal, he should not be using that type of languages.

“He shouldn’t be using those phrases in my opinion, and to be fair I think FIFA is a poor representation of what football is which is a beautiful game enjoyed by communities in Brazil to Bury to Bolivia to Peru to everywhere.”

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