Explained: Why Everton were deducted a further two points

Following on from their 10-point deduction that turned into six points upon appeal, Everton have been charged yet again. Here we at Get Football News, we explain exactly why.

The Toffees were docked two more points on Monday, their second points deduction of the season after an independent commission found they had once again breached the league’s Profitability and sustainability rules (PSR).

Following the announcement in a Premier League statement, Everton have now dropped to 16th place, just two points above the relegation zone. The club say they will appeal the decision, meaning the relegation battle may go beyond the end of the season on May 19th.

“The independent commission heard evidence and arguments from the club on a range of potential mitigating factors for its admitted breach of 16.6 million pounds, including the impact of its two successive PSR charges,” the Premier League said.

“The commission determined the appropriate sanction to be a two-point deduction, taking effect immediately.”

What is PSR?

Simply, Profit and Sustainability rules (PSR) allow clubs to lose £105 million over the course of three seasons, or £35 million per season, on a rolling basis. Youth development or infrastructure improvements are not included.

After financial losses totaling £124.5 million for the assessment period concluding with the 2021-22 season, Everton acknowledged a breach of the Profitability and Sustainability Regulations (PSR). As a consequence, the club faced a deduction of 10 points in November. However, following an appeal process, this penalty was reduced to six points in February.

The club was then charged a second in January for violations of the Premier League’s PSR in their financial records for a period beginning in 2019-20 and ending in 2022-23.

What next for Everton?

Everton may have been the first club to fall foul of PSR this season, but they aren’t the only. Nottingham Forest were plunged into the relegation zone this month after being docked four points. They’re now sitting in 17th, level with Luton Town on 25 points.

Dyche will hope his squad can once again find their fighting spirit as they face a struggling Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Monday, April 15th.

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