Emiliano Martinez spoke to psychologist after Saudi Arabia defeat

Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has revealed that he had a chat with his psychologist after the country’s loss to Saudi Arabia earlier this week.

While the Selecao have beaten Mexico to stay in the tournament, a loss to Saudi Arabia had derailed their progress. While they did lead 1-0, they conceded two goals that put their position in the group in jeopardy.

After the win over Mexico, Martinez spoke to El Grafico about the loss to Saudi Arabia:

I left the first game with the feeling that I should have done something more to avoid defeat, that there were 45 million Argentines behind me and I didn’t give enough. I talked about it a lot with my psychologist this week because it was hard for me to swallow and luckily today we took off that weight.”

The Aston Villa man also spoke about the pressures of having to play in the World Cup and why Argentina haven’t started well, saying:

“Because of the pressure, because of what it is like to be in a Cup and because of the expectations.”

“Also with Arabia we relaxed after scoring a goal so quickly, we could never really get into the game and on top of that they slapped us twice in five minutes.”


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