“Do you want to take a picture with Messi?!” – Saudi coach inspires players during Argentina half time

As shown by footage from the dressing room at halftime before Saudi Arabia’s second-half comeback to beat Argentina 2-1 at the World Cup in Qatar earlier this week, coach Hervé Renard gave an impassioned speech, via a translator, to inspire his players. Renard, prowling around the dressing room, shouted:

“What are we doing?! What is this pressing…?! If [Lionel] Messi has the ball in the middle of the pitch you stay in front of the defence.” Renard, suggesting his players have been passive, stands with his hands up. “You can take your phone and have a picture with him if you want!” he continued, before encouraging his team to play with more intensity by pretending to ‘press’ his translator and running over to him in the dressing room. “Do you not see something here? What, you don’t feel like we can come back? You don’t feel it?! They’re playing relaxed… Come on guys, this is the World Cup! Give everything! When you are on the edge of the box, you are like this… [more passive expressions from Renard] be like this! [more pretend pressing] stay close to them!”


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