Cuauhtémoc Blanco tells Mexico to “breathe down Lionel Messi’s neck.”

Speaking to reporters before Mexico’s game with Argentina at the World Cup in Qatar, Mexico legend, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, now governor of the region of Morelos in his homeland, tried to inspire this team and offered advice in dealing with Argentina’s Lionel Messi. Blanco said:

“I wish them the best of luck and most importantly to have fun, run and fight for the ninety minutes. They have a great opportunity to make history, they can knock Argentina out and I imagine that will be very motivating for the Mexican national team… Why would you be afraid of Lionel Messi? You’re not going to charge him. He’s very good, he’s an excellent player, but, if I were the coach, I would man-mark him, I wouldn’t even let him turn around and be breathing down his nick”.


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