Croatia coach: “We deserve respect, this wouldn’t happen to England.”

Speaking before his team’s second World Cup game with Canada, Croatia coach Zlatko Dalić has responded to reports that Canada coach John Herdman told his team they would “‘eff’ Croatia” after they dominated but failed to beat Belgium in their opener. Also bemoaning an early kick off time, Dalić said:

“The Croatian national team deserves respect from everyone. We’ve earned it with our performances, behaviour and results. Not only now, but throughout our history. As we show respect to everyone, we expect them to treat us the same. The fact that Croatia plays at 1:00pm is not respectful either, because England, Spain, France, or Brazil aren’t playing at that time, and we’re the World Cup runners-up. This is not the right attitude towards Croatia… We will get ready and play football and be dignified towards Canada as well as towards others. But we deserve respect.”


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