Christian Pulisic: “USA World Cup pressure not a burden at all.”

As quoted by ESPN, USA national team and Chelsea forward Christian Pulisic has insisted he is capable of handling the considerable pressure placed on his as the team’s talisman ahead of the World Cup in Qatar. Pulisic, said he “didn’t see it as a burden at all,” explaining:

“I feel like I’ve played in some big games, I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve done a lot of things, but what I want to do with the World Cup is something on top of all of that… When I was a kid in Pennsylvania growing up, 5 to 10 years old, all I thought about was the World Cup… All those emotions and stuff that you’re not ready for, it always hits you. It hits you, and you feel it. You feel the big moments coming every day. Laying in bed at night, when it gets a day closer, you feel it a little bit more, so that’s how it goes. I know I can overcome those feelings and bring out hopefully my best work out on the field. So that’s the goal.”


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