Christian Eriksen on playing in air conditioning: “It was harder to get your breath back.”

Speaking ahead of Denmark’s Group D game with France tomorrow, Manchester United midfielder Christian Eriksen, discussed the air conditioning at work at pitch level across all but one of the stadiums used to host the World Cup in Qatar after a 0-0 draw with Tunisia this week. Eriksen explained:

“We’ve postponed training because of the heat. We just train later, so the heat hasn’t really been a problem. During the match, we didn’t feel that it was particularly hot because of the air conditioning in the stadium. It sounds strange in itself to say that we’re playing in an air-conditioned football stadium. [The air] felt more like it was damp, there was something about the oxygen. When you did a sprint, it was a little harder to get your breath back compared to normal, but that’s also because we’re playing here.”

The air conditioning blows air from behind the stadium’s seats and, despite grounds often having open roofs, the colder air generally stays at pitch level due to the fact that it’s denser than warm air.


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