Carlo Ancelotti on the World Cup: “Brazil is the most complete team”

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti believes that Brazil is the most complete team in the FIFA World Cup and they have the quality where it matters.

Brazil take on Croatia in the quarter-final of the FIFA World Cup and they’ve been one of the most impressive teams in the tournament so far.

Ancelotti spoke to Corriere dello Sport in an interview recently and he gave he views on the World Cup, some individual players and the best teams.

The Italian stated: “Brazil is the most complete team. They have quality, freshness, experience and experience in situations like this counts a lot. But I’m curious to see England play France. The mentality remains English. In this World Cup there has been no news, there have also been few surprises.”

The Real Madrid manager further stated: “A few individuals stood out, all the known people: Mbappé, Richarlison, Vinicius, Bellingham, Julian Alvarez and Bounou, the Morocco goalkeeper who did very well last year in Sevilla.”

Julian Alvarez’s Argentina take on the Netherlands in the next round, whereas England take on France.


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