Canada skipper Atiba Hutchinson says World Cup recovery was “extremely stressful.”

Canadian skipper Atiba Hutchinson described his stressful recovery from injury ahead of the World Cup to the media in a press conference.

Since the start of this year’s campaign, the Beskitas veteran played very few minutes on the pitch after suffering a bruised bone very early on within the season. Consequently, Herdman was very concerned about his most experienced lad possibly missing out on such a historic moment for the Canadian national team.

However, the 39 year-old holding midfielder successfully recovered from his worrisome condition and was named within Canada’s 26-man roster going into Qatar.

While speaking to the media, as per TSN, Hutchinson provided his insight on the situation and touched upon the negative thoughts that intruded during this difficult period:

“It was an extremely stressful situation because I felt like I didn’t have a proper ankle. As you said, it was hard for me, but I had a lot of support. As you know, you know, the guys came up from the national team to, you know, give me guidance and, you know, I’m an experience player, and I kind of know what my body needs and and where I need to be to be fit and ready.”

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