3 Pakistani firefighters die in crane accident in Qatar

The AFP have confirmed that three Pakistani-born firefighters have died in a crane accident in Doha in Qatar today, with less than 1 month away from the 2022 World Cup beginning in the Middle Eastern country.

Local authorities have confirmed the deaths and that an accident involving a crane has occurred, without providing any further details. Friends of the deceased have taken to social media to publish footage of a crane that appears to have collapsed in the port of Hamad in Doha. Get Football has so far been unable to verify the authenticity of these images.

Authorities sought to underline that the three individuals who have died were not participating in the vast security exercise called “Watan” which has been organised as a form of dress rehearsal for the World Cup, which began on Sunday and is due to end on Thursday. 15 foreign governments, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Palestine have provided security experts to attend this event and in some cases remain in Qatar to assist with the World Cup.

It is “Watan” that has brought about fighter jets being flown, a simulation of a chemical attack occurring stadium and the management of hired crowds in an attempt to gauge any potential problems with crowding.

Turkey have provided Qatar with 3,000 policemen to support the World Cup, with Morocco and Pakistan also expected to provide a similar number of law enforcement.

Qatar have taken to social media to announce that “Watan” was a success and has demonstrated that Qatar is fully ready to deal with all possible security concerns that may arise from the World Cup.

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